YotaVerse Sequential LED Turn Signals for 3rd Gen Tacoma – Install & Review

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Last Updated on September 20, 2022

Blacked Out, Aftermarket Sequential LED Turn Signals from YotaVerse for 3rd Gen Tacoma – Complete Installation Guide and Review

While $5000 suspension kits and head-to-toe body armor can seem like the best ways to improve our rigs, sometimes it’s the little details that make the difference. Some Tacoma owners I know like to bash cosmetic upgrades for being less about performance and more about aesthetics, but let’s be honest we all want our trucks to stand out from the crowds. Enter YotaVerse.

YotaVerse, founded in 2016, was established to provide Toyota owners with top-quality products at great prices. I had the pleasure of installing their LED sequential turn signals on my 3rd Gen Tacoma and the end-product has become one of my favorite mods. The installation is easily completable in 15 minutes or less, and everything is plug and play. With that, let’s get into it.

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What Are Sequential Turn Signals?

Blacked Out, Aftermarket Sequential LED Turn Signals from YotaVerse for 3rd Gen Tacoma

Sequential lights have become a very common product in the automotive industry and for good reason. Essentially, whereas the stock headlights blink on and off when you signal or turn on your hazards, sequential lights move in a sequence inwards to outwards. This provides a very subtle touch to the overall aesthetic of your Tacoma.

These signals in particular are also LEDs which means, as you’ll see below, they are infinitely brighter than the OEM turn signals. This not only looks a whole lot better but is also safer for other driver’s ability to see you. The YotaVerse lights also have additional features including OEM, plug-and-play fitment, and a one-year warranty.


3rd Gen Tacoma - Complete Installation Guide

As I mentioned before, this installation is super straightforward and can easily be completed in 15 minutes. If you have no experience installing parts on your rig, you’ll have no issue doing this one. The YotaVerse lights are designed with ease and functionality in mind so everything can be installed without a hitch.

Tools & Materials:

  • All you need to install these lights is a Philips Head screwdriver so let’s get into it.

Step 1. Remove Mirror Covers

Step 1. Remove Mirror Covers

To access the mounting point for the turn signals, you need to pull off the plastic cover on the mirror. To do this, all you need to do is pry up the top of the mirror and then slowly work your way around until it fully pulls off. This took a little more effort than I anticipated and I felt like I was definitely going to break the clips but just keep at it and it’ll pop out.

Step 2. Remove OEM Signal

Step 2. Remove OEM Signal

With the interior of the mirror exposed, you can see two small silver screws. Using the screwdriver, remove these screws. This should leave the turn signal housing loose and free to move, but before getting to that, there are two small wires wrapped around a hook above the two screws so make sure to unhook those. Finally, there’s a small clip on the back side of that plastic piece so you can pinch that and push it forward to loosen the assembly.

loosen the assembly.

Now with all the prep work done you can remove the OEM turn signal. There will be a small grey plug on the back, so press on the small clip and unplug it and you are done with the removal.

Step 3. Install YotaVerse Signals

Step 3. Install YotaVerse Signals

Now that the OEM lights are removed, you can plug the YotaVerse sequential signal in. Be sure to remove the protective plastic cover that it’s shipped with first. Then place the signal right where the old light was and follow the previous steps in reverse. Press the interior clip back into place, wrap the two wires around the small hook, and re-install the two screws.

Be sure not to over-tighten these because there is really no reason they need to be absurdly tight.

Step 4. Re-Install Mirror Covers

Step 4. Re-Install Mirror Covers

With the light assembly put back together, you can now re-install the plastic mirror cover. However, before doing this, I would suggest turning on your hazards and making sure the light works. If it doesn’t I would check the connection to make sure the plug is fully clicked into place. It may take a little bit of finesse but once you find the right placement the cover should pop into place. Make sure to press all around to make sure all of the clips are engaged.

OEM VS Yotaverse

OEM Mirror Signals

3rd Gen Tacoma OEM Mirror Signals

YotaVerse Sequential Signals

3rd Gen Tacoma YotaVerse Sequential Signals

Final Thoughts

YotaVerse Sequential Signals Amber Blacked out

It’s almost astonishing how much better and brighter these lights are. Any chance I see to change out the chrome on my truck for something smoked or blacked out I take it. Compared to the OEM turn signals, these lights are unbeatable in terms of brightness. After getting these, I almost wonder if other drivers could see my mirror signals on the road before.

In terms of aesthetics, the YotaVerse sequential signals are miles higher than the OEM lights. Even though they come in a small package, they pack a powerful punch in terms of both performance and style.

All in all, the subtle change these lights add to my truck is definitely worth it, especially considering how effortless the installation process was. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your build or you are getting started and want to start with something small, these little lights add a lot of character to your truck.

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