YotaVerse Backseat Dog Cover For Toyota Tacoma

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Last Updated on September 20, 2022

YotaVerse Backseat Dog Cover For The 2nd Gen Tacoma – Review & Highlights

The back seat of your truck is somewhere that you do not need to put a lot of thought into, face it… you don’t ever sit back there, but your best friend does. Most of our four-legged friends will be the back seat co-pilot any chance they get. They also never worry about clearing their feet before hopping in your rig. This is where the backseat cover from YotaVerse comes in  YotaVerse has endless accessories for your truck! This is my first product and I’m convinced to continue to support the brand. The seat cover also has a few hidden uses that I have found.

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  • 57″ x 51″ hammock style that is convertible to make use as a regular seat as well.
  • PVC tubes on the underside to help hold the cover to the seat back
  • Easily adjustable buckles that go around the headrest
  • Waterproof- durable waterproof polyester\
  • Velcro at seatbelt locations
  • Universal Fit- Fits most cars with similar back seat sizes
  • Machine washable- cold, gentle cycle


Installing this seat cover will be the easiest one yet. First off,  the cover lays on the backseat and attaches via webbing & buckle to the metal arms on the headrest.  The straps can be adjusted to control the fabric best to fit your seat. There are two small pieces of plastic pipe that simply get stuffed into the crack between your seats. If you will be using the seat belts in the back, there are two small Velcro sections that they can slip through.

Tricks for easier use

Folding down the rear seats is very limited when the seat cover is installed. I just undo one of the buckles on the backseat and you can open the seat back further. If you need to open the seat all the way, unlatch both buckles and you can move it out of your way.

If you have an extra furry friend like me, I recommend just taking the cover out and shaking it. This removes most of the hair and other debris that might be on the seat.

I’ve washed the cover two times, it comes out looking new each time. Just make sure to air dry with the nonslip coating on the underside.

With the cover being waterproof, you can use it as a mat to lay or kneel on when working on the truck. Saves wet knees when changing a tire. However this is not made for this, so be careful not to abuse it too much.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the YotaVerse backseat cover really does perform its job well!  As you can see from all of the pictures my dog is constantly shedding hair.  This cover keeps my back seat hair free and clear of other dirt and mud.

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