Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Adventurer in your Life

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Last Updated on February 7, 2018

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Adventurer in your life |

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we put together this handy gift guide for the adventurer in your life.

Gifts for the Camper

1. Poler Wearable Sleeping Bag

A wearable sleeping bag that will keep you or your significant other cozy no matter where you are: camping, at a tailgate or even on the couch. With zippered shoulders, you can still have full use of your arms and you can use the napsack in three ways: sleep, lounge or walk mode.

2. LED Lantern

Let there be light! A good lantern always comes in handy at a camp site.

3. Pearl Izumi Henley 

Keep them (or yourself!) warm and looking good.

4. ENO Doublenest Hammock 

A hammock is a great way to sit back, relax and enjoy the sights. This doublenest hammock from ENO lets you lounge solo or your significant other.

5. North Face Base Camp Duffel 

You’ve gotta have a place to pack your gear and the Base Camp duffel is a good looking pack with plenty of room, including an extra compartment for wet gear if needed.

 6. Yakima Camp Blanket by Pendleton

Stay warm and cozy up. A warm blanket is perfect for around the campfire, having a picnic or in the tent.7. Tent 

If you’re going to be camping, a tent is a must and they come in all different shapes and sizes depending on if it’s just you and your significant other or if you’re bringing friends along as well.

8. Klymit Sleeping Pad 

Keep you (and a loved one) off the ground and without rocks in your back with a comfortable sleeping pad. Bonus: these pack down small in an included stuff sack for easy travel.

9. Mr. Heater Little Buddy

Stay warm and cozy in your tent with a heater like the Mr. Heater Little Buddy. You can read our full review it on it here.

Gifts for the Camp Chef

1. Yeti Cooler

A good cooler is a major part of the camp experience. Keep your food and drinks cold and you’re in business. The Yeti Tundra 45 cooler is bear resistant, comes with a dry foods basket and will keep your food cold and ready to go.

2. Collapsible Camp Sink

A collapsible camp sink takes up minimal space, collapses for easy storage and is great for cleaning dishes (or other things).

3. Sea to Summit Pot Set

A good set of camp pots is important and the best part of the Sea to Summit X set is how compact and functional they are. They collapse down then nest inside of each other for easy storage.

4. Camp Kitchen

A workhorse at a campsite. Don’t take up all the room on the camp table with your grill and cooking supplies. Having a dedicated space to prep ingredients, make meals and store equipment is a huge time saver.

5. JetBoil 

A quick and easy personal cooking system is great for those times you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking. The Jetboil is a compact cooking vessel that takes up minimal space and can bring two cups of water to a boil in two minutes.

6. Tailgaterz Hang n’ Haul

An organizer’s dream come true, the Tailgaterz Hang n’ Haul makes it really easy to keep all of your kitchen and cooking gear organized in one spot, whether you’re camping or tailgating.

 7. Camp mess kit

Save space and be prepared for all your outdoor cooking adventures with a mess kit. This 17 piece camp mess kit comes with everything you need for meal time including cookware, dinnerware and even a mini stove. Takes up minimal space and packs down for easy storage.

 8. Skottle 

The Skottle from TemboTusk is like a Wok on legs, perfect for cooking up camp meals for a large group or for your family. It can cook a variety of dishes and the legs are removable so it can pack down for easy storage.

 9. Muncher Multi-tool Utensil 

The Muncher multi-tool utensil features ten different functions including spork, knife, can opener, peeler, bottle opener, fire flint, cord cutter, screwdriver, pry-bar and a box cutter. Strap it to your backpack and it’s all you’ll need for eating.

Gifts for the Off-Road Adventurer & Overlander

 1. Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag 

The Trasharoo is a heavy-duty off-road trail trash bag made to be installed over your spare tire great for picking up trail trash, carrying firewood and keeping the interior of your truck clean. Read our full review here. 

 2. LED Flashlights

Compact, ultra-bright and long-lasting, these LED Flashlights can focus on objects up to 100 feet away.

3. MOLLE Visor Organizer

This Tactical visor panel organizer keeps your gear close. Fully adjustable size and MOLLE attachment system lets you attach MOLLE compatible accessories.

4. Bully Tools Shovel

This shovel features a compact design, all steel construction and 14 gauge steel head. Designed for superior comfort and durability.

5. Yeti Hopper Flip Cooler

Keep your food and drinks cold for days at a time. The Yeti Hopper flip is waterproof and resistant to mildew, punctures and abrasions so it can hold up to whatever adventure you throw at it.

Gifts for the Dog Lover

1. Collapsible Double Elevated Dog Food & Water Bowls

There’s nothing more important than making sure your pup has enough food and water and it’s super handy to have a collapsible food and water bowl set for when you’re out.

2. Kurgo Kibble Dog Food & Treat Carrier

Keep dog food fresh while you’re on your adventures. The kibble carrier is a convenient way to carry dog food and treats with the ability to roll the bag down to keep the food fresh.

3. H204K9 Dog Travel Water Bottle & Bowl

For hikes or other adventures, water is always super important. The H204K9 water bottle is convenient because it’s a water bottle and bowl in one and you can dump the water back in the bottle from the bowl if your pup doesn’t drink it all at once.

4. Dog Travel Sleeping Pad Bed

Keep your dog comfortable, this sleeping pad will keep your pup comfortable.

5. Pet First Aid Kit

It’s always good to be prepared so having a pet first aid kit is a good idea. This one is convenient because it can clip to your pack or bag.

6. Multipurpose Dog Wipes

Your dog is bound to get dirty on your adventures so if you’re out and about and can’t give him a bath, these wipes are great to have for a quick freshen up.

 7. Ruffwear Hiking & Hydration Pack 

If you’re into hiking or backpacking with your pup, a backpack harness can be useful. They can even help carry some of their stuff like water bottles.

8. Ruffwear Dog Gear Haul Bag Duffel

If you take your dog on a lot of adventures, it’s nice to have a gear bag you can grab and go with all your dog’s essentials. The Ruffwear haul bag is a great option with it’s multiple pockets and high-quality construction.

Gifts for the Beach Bum

1. Turkish towel 

Some of the most comfortable towels money can buy. These Turkish towels only get softer after you wash them and they can be used to lay out, get dry after going in the water or as a wrap.

2. Spike Ball

It’s always fun to get a game going on a beach day. Spike Ball is an easy to pack and fun game similar to volleyball but on a trampoline. Great for multiple people to play and even better if you have a tournament!

 3. Sunscreen 

Show the one you love how much you love their skin by helping them protect it.

4. Pop up Shelter 

This is great to have if you want to take a little break from the sun for awhile to read a book or just hang out. It’s also nice because it offers some privacy.

 5. Sun Hat 

Keep the sun off their face and let them look good doing it.

6. Surfboard 

If you really wanna go all out for the beach lover in your life, get a surfboard! Surf lessons would also be a great day and a surf session or surf lesson date would be primo.

 7. Beach Chair

There’s nothing better than kicking back and relaxing in a comfortable chair watching the waves crash with someone you love. These chairs are great because they also have a handy cooler on the back for you to store snacks or drinks.

8. Cooler 

How can you have a successful day at the beach without a cooler full of snacks and drinks? This will easily keep your drinks and snacks cold for even the hottest beach days.

Gifts for the Action Seeker

1. Action Camera & Accessories Case

Help them keep their gear safe and organized

 2. GoPro 

Having memories of your adventures is always fun and a GoPro makes it easy to capture the moment without getting in the way.

4. GoPro suction mount

An easy way to capture a road trip or flight with a suction cup mount.

5. Chesty Harness

A chesty harness makes it easy to capture all kinds of adventures like mountain biking, kayaking, dirt biking, riding an ATV, etc.

6. Extra GoPro Batteries

Nothing is a bigger bummer than your cam dying right in the middle of capturing an adventure so having an extra set of batteries is clutch.

 7. 10-25″ Telescoping Pole for GoPro 

A telescoping pole, or a “selfie stick”, makes it easy to capture a moment even when you don’t have someone else to take the shot.

Gifts for the Snowboarder

1. Snowboard Travel Bag

This Dakine bag can hold two snowboards, one with bindings attached (yours and your significant others!) so it’s perfect for travel. It also includes a removable boot bag.

2. Goggles

Get the snowboarder in your life a fresh set of goggles.

3. Base Layer Thermal Long Sleeve 

Keep them warm with a nice base layer long sleeve.

4. Hand Warmers

Nothing is worse than your hands being cold so grab some hand warmers to keep them warm and toasty.

5. Boots

Of course every boarder needs a good pair of boots. Even if they already have a pair, consider getting them new ones like this which feature the Speed Zone lacing system.

6. Gloves

Keep your hands warm and toasty with a good set of gloves. These are great because they’re touch screen compatible and they feature an interior liner that can be worn on it’s own for those warmer days or for when you want a less bulky glove option.

7. Base Layer Thermal Pants 

Similar to the thermal long sleeve, a good set of base layer thermal pants comes in clutch when you’re getting ready to head out on the mountain. Plus with so many different color and pattern options, you can definitely find something in their style.

8. Wool Socks 

Is there anything better in cold weather than a nice pair of wool socks?

9. Complete Tune Kit with Wax

Let them keep their board in pristine condition with this complete tuning kit.

10. Snowboard & MTB Gear Bag

This is a great multi-purpose and functional gear bag for the snowboarder )or mountain biker) in your life. Read our full review of the Dakine Descent Duffel here. 

Gifts for the Coffee Lover

1. French Press

An easy way to make coffee in the great outdoors. All you need is coffee grounds and hot water.

2. Frother 

For those that like Bulletproof Coffee or lattes, you can use a battery operated frother to mix it up how you like it.

3. Aeropress 

Another great way to make a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

4. Coffee Grinder 

Freshly ground beans taste best so the coffee lover in your life will definitely appreciate the ability to grind fresh beans while camping.

5. Cold Brew Pouches 

If you or your significant other prefer cold brew coffee to hot java, you can put one or two of these pouches in a jar with some water and you’ve got fresh cold brew in the morning.

 6. Growler

Keep your cold brew coffee (or beer) cold and ready to enjoy!

 7. Enamel Coffee Mug

You gotta have a cup for your morning cup of coffee and these enamel coffee mugs are a good option because they can withstand some abuse at the camp site. Equally good with coffee and a cocktail at the end of the night.

 8. Instant Coffee Packets 

If you don’t have a ton of space or like to carry a lot of gear, these instant coffee packets come in handy. All you need is hot water and you’re ready to go.

Gifts under $10

1. Credit Card Survival Tool Set 

Be ready for whatever comes your way with a credit card survival multi-tool.

2. Paracord Bracelet 

A five-in-one multi-tool all in a bracelet: a compass, whistle, knife, flint fire starter plus a fire scrapper.


3. Spork Multi-tool 

We all need something to eat with. Clip this to your backpack and you’re ready to go.

4. Camp Soap

Gotta wash dishes, gotta have soap. Having a small container of camp soap is nice to throw in your cleaning basket. Bonus: you can re-use the container and add more soap once you’ve used it all.

5. Freeze Dried Meal 

Quick prep, easy to make and you’re on the go. For vegetarian freeze dried meals, check out our post on Vegetarian Dehydrated Meals for Camping or Backpacking.

6. Flashlights

Let there be light. Flashlights always come in clutch at a camp site so make sure you’ve got a few stashed away for when you need it.

 7. Solar Shower 

Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a shower. For those times when the camp bathrooms aren’t up to snuff or you’re deep in the wilderness, grab a solar shower.

 8. Stainless Steel Mug with Carabiner Handle 

Coffee cup, cocktail cup, water cup, you name it. Clip it to your pack and you’re ready for your beverage of choice. For a fun Valentine’s twist, fill it with chocolates before you give it to your Valentine!


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