Trasharoo Overland Spare Tire Carrier Trash Bag Review

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag – Heavy-Duty Trail Trash Bag Installed over your spare tire.

The perfect trail accessory to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and free of garbage, while also adding extra storage.

A trash bag for your vehicle–that’s not the first accessory you may think of when you’re making your wish list for new gear for your adventures. The Trasharoo is a heavy-duty trail trash bag made to be installed over your spare tire. For those without a spare on the back of their vehicle, it’s also designed to fit on a ladder or other accessories. The Trasharoo is the perfect trail accessory to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and free of garbage, while also adding extra storage.

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Trasharoo Details

A review of the Trasharoo | A great trail accessory and #camping trash can |

From the Trasharoo website, the bag is constructed from heavy-duty, denier nylon featuring high-quality wide buckles with an X-strap design for added strength. The straps on the bag work similar to a backpack, wrapping up and around a tire up to 40”, or a ladder, and are designed to hold up to 50lbs. The well-thought-out design also features a water-resistant interior coating with added drain holes at the bottom of the bag.


  • Holds up to 50lbs
  • One Size
  • Colors: Black, Tan, Olive Green, Camo

Trasharoo Spare Tire Trash Bag Review

The famous Robert Baden-Powell quote states, “leave it better than you found it.” It’s easy to follow that mantra when you have a Trasharoo on your truck. I found it easy to pick up trail and campsite trash left behind by others.

What I like

The bag itself doesn’t need to be categorized as just a trash bag, but rather an easy-access storage compartment for your vehicle. For example, you can fill it with firewood on your way out to your adventure to keep the inside of your car neat and tidy.

Once you’re at your site, it’s nice to have a sturdy mounted trash-bag available to you, rather than having to deal with a loose trash bag flying around in the wind or attracting critters on the ground. You can actually use your standard 30-gallon trash bag inside the Trasharoo for even easier cleaning at your site. I used the Trasharoo as my recycling bag on my last camping trip. After your trip, it’s easy and quick to clean your Trasharoo, just turn the bag inside out and spray it down with a hose and let it air dry.

The Trasharoo isn’t only for your off-grid adventures. There are also several in-town applications for the bag. Going to the beach or hiking? Throw your dirty shoes and wet clothes inside the Trasharoo until you’re home. Often times after a surf, I’ve even thrown my wetsuit inside the Trasharoo rather than in my truck, which saves me from having to rid the backseat of sand, tar stains and watermarks.

During my last family gathering, I used it as an ice-carrier keeping the wet ice bags outside of the car, leaving room for more items inside the car. It also worked great as a tailgate accessory during my last Rams game.


A review of the Trasharoo | A great trail accessory and #camping trash can |

I did notice that when mounted to my Toyota 4Runner’s Gobi Rack ladder the Trasharoo did cause some interference with my car’s back-up camera. I usually keep my bag on for a few days after my trip, but there is always the risk of someone just unclipping the straps and walking away with your bag, so be aware when doing so. We can just hope trash bags are the last thing thieves are looking to take.

If you are planning to take your car off-roading, be aware that the bag easily collects dust on the outside.

Final Thoughts

For less than $50, the Trasharoo is a recommended accessory for a variety of uses. It’s high-quality construction and multi-purpose uses make it a piece of gear I’ll continue to use for years to come.

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