Top 20 Toyota Headliner Patches of 2021

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Last Updated on December 6, 2023

Support Your Friends and Family By Repping a Velco Headliner Patch – Here Are The Top 20 Toyota Headliner Patches of 2021

Have you ever wondered what the “patch game” is all about? As soon as I saw posts on my Instagram feed with “Star Wars” themed patches that people put up in their 4Runners, I was intrigued, to say the least. The more I researched it, the more I wanted them. I wanted to put them up in my own 4Runner like a shrine to represent my own collection that I could show off to the off-road Toyota community. I know that stickers and decals have been collected and slapped onto vehicles for as long as I can remember, but the world of patches was new to me.

Being new to the Toyota off-road community, I wanted to talk about why Toyota off-road enthusiasts, in particular, Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma drivers collect patches and show them off.

What is the “Patch Game”?

The “patch game” is made up of Toyota off-road enthusiasts who enjoy collecting, admiring, and showing off their patches by decorating the interior of their 4Runners and Tacomas with them for all to see. There is an array of different patches from movie-themed ones to the patches that people create of their own 4Runner or Tacoma. There are overland adventure patches to toy drive patches, and some patches are made in super limited quantities which makes it sometimes extremely hard to get your hands on. The only way to get those limited quantity patches is to make sure you are up to date on your, you guessed it, patch game.

Why collect patches?

This so-called patch game is a way for Toyota 4Runner and Tacoma drivers to support one another through buying each other’s patches and/or buying patches from their communities. Not only is it fun to collect, but it is a great way to show off who you are! For example, I found myself placing an order for a few Star Wars-themed patches while writing this piece. It is a very fun and addicting part of the off-road community for sure. One day, I would like to be able to buy some patches that have shown where I have taken my own 4Runner (overlanding style). Before I ramble on too much about this topic, let’s get into the reason why you are here. What are the Top 20 Patches (that I found) and where to get them?

Top 20 Patches & Where To Get Them: Ranked from 20th to the 1st

#20. 2018 Retro Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyota Freaks

This patch definitely speaks to me with its retro feel and shape as well as a big name. Toyota Freaks is a big name in the Toyota off-road community with an Instagram account that boasts a large 367K following.

Instagram: @toyotafreaks

Find it online:

#19. Striped Glow in the Dark Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyota Life Glow in the Dark

A classic look but who can say no to a glow-in-the-dark patch! This patch makes it into my top 20 just for that.

Website: The Toyota Life –

Instagram: @thetoyotalilfe

#18. PVC Topographic Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyota Venture Topographic

I really do like this patch made with PVC material with a topographic map design. Very subtle but cool to match most gray headliners too.

Website: Yota Ventures –

Instagram: @yotaventures_

#17. Retro Toyota 4WD Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyota 4WD Retro

This patch screams RETRO with its colors, font, and overall classic rectangle shape. This patch definitely reminds me of the classic 1st Gen Toyota 4X4 pickup truck.


#16. Patch King – Toyota Patch

4Runner Patch Game Patch King

This patch made me laugh, not gonna lie. Very creative and also made me a bit hungry for a Whopper (dunno why).


#15. This is the way – from the Mandalorian

4Runner Patch Game This is the Way

If you didn’t pick up on it already, I am a huge Star Wars fan. And yes, the Mandalorian was awesome. Great way to show Mandalorian fans this off-road play on off-roading.

Website: Hawaii Off-Road Yota’s –

Instagram: @hawaiioffroadyotas

#14. PVC Toyoda Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyoda

Another winner in my books. I’ve seen this patch all over my Instagram feed and it 100% caught my eye (which is why I ordered one myself).

Website: Hawaii Off-Road Yota’s –

Instagram: @hawaiioffroadyotas

#13. Back to the Trails Patch

4Runner Patch Game Back to the Trails

If you are a movie buff, you can’t say no to this classic play on such a great movie.


#12. The Mountains are calling and I must go Patch

4Runner Patch Game the Mountains are Calling

I’m pretty sure every off-roader hears these words loud and clear.


#11. Jason Vorhees “Camp Crystal Lake Transport Co.” Patch

4Runner Patch Game Camp Crystal Lake

This patch is made by @akai.rnr and it’s his first patch! This one definitely speaks to me because it’s from the classic “Friday the 13th” film series. I love the integration of play on his own red 4Runner and what this camp was also called, “Camp Blood”.

Instagram: @akai.rnr – first patch drop – DM on IG

#10. Lyft’d Patch

4Runner Patch Game Lyft'd

There is something about hot pink that attracts the eyes. Caught my attention for sure.

Website: Hawaii Off-Road Yota’s –

Instagram: @hawaiioffroadyotas

#9. Glowie Tacornr

4Runner Patch Game Glow Taco Runner

Another glow-in-the-dark patch, yes, please. Apparently, this patch is the ultimate troll patch as this is made to be a hybrid 4Runner and Tacoma combined into one. It does make my list as a cool patch indeed.

Website: Glowie TacoRnr | GunRnr

Instagram: @gun.rnr

#8. Shaka Buddy The Elf Patch V1

4Runner Patch Game Buddy the Elf

My love for Hawaii, Christmas, and my sister’s favorite movie, all rolled into one cool limited patch!

Website: Hawaii Off-Road Yota’s –

Instagram: @hawaiioffroadyotas

#7. Adventure is Necessary

4Runner Patch Game Adventure is Necessary

This patch is just cool. It speaks to the epitome of what the off-road community is all about. Why else would you build your vehicle into such a beast?

Website: Overland Bound – Overland Bound Store

Instagram: @overlandbound

#6. Snow Wheel’n

4Runner Patch Game Totally Steezy

A perfect patch for the snow season!

Website: Snow Wheel’n | Toyotally Steezy

Instagram: @toyotally_steezy

#5. Christmas Shadow Stormtrooper Patch V1

4Runner Patch Game Christmas Shadow Storm Trooper

Again, for all of you, Star Wars fans out there, a special Christmas limited patch!

Website: Hawaii Off-Road Yota’s –

Instagram: @hawaiioffroadyotas

#4. Overland Bound Regional Patches

4Runner Patch Game Overland Bound Regional

This patch is among many that represent different regions in the US, Australia, and Canada. Very cool for anyone looking to show off their travels in these regions. i.e. US West, Northwest, Southwest, Rocky Mountain, Midwest, Southeast, East, Australia Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Canada Western, Eastern, Atlantic, Prairies, Northern.

Website: Overland Bound – Overland Bound Store

Instagram: @overlandbound

#3. Trail 4Runner 3” PVC Circle Mountain Patch – Heritage

4Runner Patch Game Trail4R Heritage

This patch has everything I like in a patch, to be honest. The heritage colors, the mountains, and a white 5th Gen 4Runner (The one I have).


Instagram: @trail4r

#2. 100,000 Mile Bronze Patch

4Runner Patch Game Toyota High Mileage Club

This patch is one of 5 patches that play on the common knowledge that Toyota engines last nearly forever and never die. You need to check out these patches and should be a must-have if your engine has hit these numbers. I will be sure to buy a patch when I get there.

Website: Yota High Mileage Club –

#1. Flag Of 2020 Patch

4Runner Patch Game Flag of 2020

And my number one Top Patch goes to the Flag Of 2020 hands down. With the year we had, this really feels most fitting.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, my Top 20 Patches, and where you can go and get one for your 4Runner or Tacoma (or any vehicle or even if you want to put them on your bag, jacket, or wherever you want to put them). I think the patch game is a fun way to connect, network, and really get to know the Toyota off-road community. I’ve already made some friends and will continue to pursue my road to finding myself in this amazing culture and community. If you find other cool patches please do not hesitate to let me know and tell me where I can find my next patch. Until next time, drive safe and find many fun adventures!

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