Stance Adventure Outdoor Hiking Socks Review

Hiking Socks | Stance Adventure Outdoor Socks review |
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Last Updated on November 7, 2021

Stance Adventure Outdoor Hiking Socks – Are These The Best Outdoor Adventure Socks Ever Made?

Socks can really say a lot about a person. Do they match? Do you keep them or throw them out once they get a hole? For myself, I think your choice of socks is a fun way to show a little bit of your personality. In this review, I check out the new Stance Adventure and Hiking line, which brings style and functionality together in one package through three different product-level offerings. 

Stance Adventure Outdoor Socks Details

Hiking Socks | Stance Adventure Outdoor Hiking Socks review |


  • Natural wool fusion blend
  • Advanced moisture management
  • Anatomical cushioning
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Available in over 20 different Men’s and Women’s styles and patterns


Hiking Socks | Stance Adventure Outdoor Hiking Socks review |

On the trails, having the right gear can really make or break your day. That’s where the importance of the type of socks you are wearing on the trails kicks in. Going on a hike with the wrong pair of socks can leave your feet with blisters and uncomfortable.

When looking for a good pair of hiking socks, there are a few factors to look for and consider.

A good pair of hiking socks should keep your feet comfortable in your boots while preventing blisters. The best kinds of hiking socks have moisture-wicking technology that helps keep your feet dry during long day trips. Normally, you want a slightly thicker sock with extra cushion on the heel and toes with proper arch support. These characteristics help keep your feet pain free on a day of hiking.

I recently came across the Adventure Line from Stance. I was excited to see Stance expanding their collection into functional socks since I’ve always been a fan of their lifestyle options. The Adventure line from Stance is available in three levels of performance – Outdoor, Hike and Performance to match every level of adventure. The line is available in both men’s and women’s sizes and styling.

Stance Adventure Outdoor Hiking Socks review

In this review, I’ll focus on the Outdoor line – which is the first level of the Adventure line. It’s meant to meet the needs of your average weekend warrior and explorer. I purchased the A Ok Outdoor and Fiver Outdoor as my first two styles of Stance’s new line. The socks are constructed of Stance’s natural wool fusion blend. This makes the socks warm and comfortable. They don’t fit overly snug like some athletic socks would, but you can still feel some arch support in there. There’s additional padding in the heel and toe area, providing cushion in the areas you want when wearing hiking boots or shoes.

One of the things that I like most about these socks, other than the rad designs they are available in, is that they’ve really kept their “new sock” feeling. I’ve washed them maybe 10 times already and they still have that warm and cozy feeling every time I’ve put them on.

If you like hiking and are looking for some unique socks to wear on the trail, I’d recommend the Stance Outdoor line. If you’re going on anything more than your 3-5 mile weekend hike, and you need something a little more durable I’d recommend looking at the Hike and Trek line. Those options seem to offer a little more moisture control, compression, and venting. I’ll probably consider purchasing a pair for my bigger hikes later this year.


I will say that these socks are probably on the warmer side for everyday use. As comfortable as they are, your feet can start to feel a little toasty under shoes. The Outdoor line has a little less venting than Stance’s other Adventure line options, and you can definitely feel that on a warmer day.

Final Thoughts

For an entry-level hiking sock, these are perfect for the weekend warrior who wants to bring a little style and flair to the trailhead. If you’re looking for something more capable for longer hikes and adventures I’d look for something with more ventilation and moisture management.

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