MESO Customs Hatch Lights Review

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Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Easily Add Dual Color Functionality To Your 4Runner’s Rear Hatch With The MESO Customs Ultimate Hatch Lights – Install & Review

It’s no secret that diving into modifying your 4Runner can be an endless pit. The sky is the limit on what can be done to improve this already indestructible platform. That being said, very few upgrades have had such a profound impact on my rig than the MESO Customs dual-color light upgrades. That’s especially true for upgrades that cost under $100.

The Ultimate Hatch Lights are MESO’s latest installment in the 4Runner’s lighting set, and they’re pretty awesome.

About MESO Customs

MESO Customs Dual Color Interior Lights

MESO Customs offers an array of unique upgrades for Toyotas ranging from key fob covers and lighting packages to specialized overlays and wire harnesses.

Their dual-color map and dome lights are factory replacements and require minimal installation time and effort. No additional modification is needed to install these, and they retain all factory functionality. Being an array of LEDs rather than a single bulb, they are much brighter than your typical LED swap.

Additionally, with the press of a button, you can switch to red lighting. This produces less light pollution in low-light scenarios. If you weren’t aware, red light attracts fewer bugs, preserves your night vision, and it’s less disturbing in a camp scenario.


MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Lights Overview

Today, we will be installing the newly released Ultimate Dual-Color Hatch Lights to complete the set on my 4Runner. It’s just about as easy as changing a light bulb and should take you only about 10-15 minutes. There is some minor disassembly of the factory hath light housings required as the MESO replacements integrate into them.

Tools Needed:

  • A Flat, Plastic Panel Tool / Small Flathead Screwdriver
  • Small Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • A Step Stool (optional)
  • Gloves (optional)
  • A little patience to avoid cracking any plastics

Getting Started

Before you begin, I recommend setting your hatch lights to the “OFF’ position. This will allow the bulbs to cool off a bit before handling them. If your 4Runner is lifted, you may need a small step stool to reach them for removal.

Step 1. Remove OEM Housings

How To Remove 4Runner Hatch Light

Facing the back of the truck with the lights above you, insert your pry tool from the driver’s side. You’ll then push in to release the tensioner holding the housing in place.

Hatch Light Wire Harness

Next, pull the housing out and unplug it from the factory harness.

Step 2. Disassemble Hatch Light Housing

Disassemble 5th Gen 4Runner Hatch Light

Use your panel tool or flathead screwdriver to release all (4) tabs holding the plastic lens on each housing. This will not be reused.

Step 3. Remove Existing Bulb

5th Gen 4Runner Hatch Light LED

Next, remove the existing bulb by releasing tension on the factory housings by gently pushing the metal prong away from the bulb. We will not be reusing this bulb (obviously).

Step 4. Replace Light Switch

MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Lights Installation

With the old bulb removed, we need to replace the factory grey light switch with the MESO Customs’ black one.

Flip the housings over and use your Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screw holding the switch on. Then, carefully align the black switch, taking note of the slight groove on one side of the new switch and the direction of the copper piece that connects to the switch. That groove will face toward the inside of the housing where the bulb goes, and the copper prongs should point up toward you.

MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Lights 5th Gen 4Runner Installation

Once you’ve reinstalled the screw, make sure your new switch slides as it should.

Step 5. Attach Light Connector & Assemble Housing

MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Lights 5th Gen 4Runner Review

Next, we need to install the LED panel. To do this, you’ll see a connector that looks similar to a factory-style bulb connected to the LED panel. The connector isn’t polarity-specific and can go in either way.

Then, making sure to not pinch any wires, gently snap the LED panel onto the housing where the previous lens was.

MESO Customs Dual Color Hatch Lights 5th Gen 4Runner

That’s it for this side, repeat these steps 1-5 for the 2nd hatch light.

Step 6. Install MESO Hatch Light

MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Lights

Now it’s time to install the new hatch light assembly. Reconnect the wire harness to the hatch light and gently snap the housing back into place. Ensure the new housing is set to the middle, or the “DOOR” setting and test for functionality. It should light up white, and then with the press of the center button, turn red.

Final Thoughts

MESO Customs Ultimate Dual Color Hatch Lights 5th Gen 4Runner

The Meso Customs dual-color lineup is a unique upgrade and one that’s well worth it in my opinion. During the day, the bright white LEDs give just the right amount of added illumination.

However, what I was really excited about was being able to easily switch to red light. After driving at night, being in the darkness of a campsite, or just working out of your 4Runner at night, the red LEDs help to not jar your vision like bright white LEDs do. Having a red option by the touch of a button will be a lifesaver. Your eyes and your neighbors will thank you!

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