Hometown: Riverside, CA
Favorite piece of gear: Tailgaterz Hang N’ Haul
Favorite campfire food: Empanadas
Favorite place: Crystal Cove State Park
Fun Fact: I dream of some day taking my trailer out as a mobile coffee shop serving Nitro Cold Brew on tap. 

I was born and raised in Southern California where I’ve spent most of my life soaking up the sunshine, except for a brief stint in New York where I went to experience the magic of real seasons. 
Favorite things in life include drinking a fresh cup of coffee in the outdoors and cutting into a perfectly ripe Avocado.
In addition to my work at Scout of Mind, I create recipes and talk about all things food and drink over at Mince Republic. When I’m not working as a content creator, you can find me playing hockey, kegging cold brew or hanging’ with my pups.
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