Goal Zero Flip 10 Power Bank Review – Top 5 Features

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Last Updated on August 5, 2022

The Goal Zero Flip 10 Power Bank: Full Review & The Top 5 Features That Make This Product a Great Accessory For Any Adventure

The Goal Zero Flip 10 is a stand-out accessory for anyone to carry in their center console. Whether used on the trail or at the gym, the Flip 10 can be used to charge your devices in almost any setting.

I like to keep items in my 4Runner that are meaningful and serve a purpose. The Goal Zero Flip 10 fits these criteria perfectly. It can be used repeatedly and is extremely reliable, much like the 4Runner itself. The only maintenance on this item is to make sure it’s charged. If you’re reading this, and like to maintain a certain level of preparedness, add this item to your center console, glove box, or load-out bag; it will come in handy!

The Goal Zero Flip 10 has a 2,600mAh capacity with a held charge shelf life of 3-6 months. It has a lifespan of hundreds of charge cycles with low-battery protection for reliable backup power for your mobile device. This portable power bank is super lightweight at 2.5 oz and has a change output rated at 1A (5W max).

Who Is Goal Zero?

Goal Zero was founded by CEO, Robert Workman. It launched as a business in June 2009. Goal Zero’s mission is “to empower people by putting a reliable source of power in the hands of every human being.” Since its launch, Goal Zero has pioneered and launched countless products, promoting sustainable and portable power.

They have also partnered with and given their resources to several non-profit and humanitarian organizations. Some examples include a donation of $20,000 in products in September 2021 that helped with relief efforts in Haiti after an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2. In June 2018, Goal Zero teamed up with other personnel and organizations to help bring solar power to an orphanage in India that had never before had power.

These examples of the company’s selfless acts are just scratching the surface. To read more about the history of Goal Zero and its mission check out its history page.

From powering small cellular devices with the Goal Zero Flip Series to solutions for home backup kits during power outages and helping those in need all over the world, Goal Zero is a brand you can stand behind. Its products are reliable, durable, and produced with the mindset of helping others.

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1. Compact Design

The Goal Zero Flip 10 is extremely compact and can be stored anywhere. When on the go, I like to keep my Flip 10 in the middle console of my 4Runner. It fits perfectly in the accessory tray alongside other items that I like to keep nearby for various situations. It can literally be stored and or secured anywhere.

2. USB Flip Design

Another feature that stands out is the USB charging port. To charge the Flip 10, the USB plug simply flips out, hence its name. You can plug it into any full-size USB port and the charge time is about 3 hours. The Goal Zero Flip 10 (Flip 12 is the updated version) can also be charged with Goal Zero’s Nomad 5 solar panel. When not in use, the USB output simply folds back into the device, maintaining its sleek and compact design.

3. Charge Indicator Lights

On the side opposite the USB plug, there are four small charge indicator lights that when lit, display the current charge level. This can be activated by either pressing the USB output when flipped in for storage, or when plugged into a USB port to charge.

When it’s fully charged, 4 blue lights will be displayed. This feature is a very practical and easy indicator to quickly check the Flip’s charge level. This also helps you make sure that it’s always fully charged and ready to go.

4. Versatility

The Goal Zero Flip 10 is also very versatile. Not only can it fully charge a cellular device, but it can also charge a POV camera, a rechargeable headlamp, or any other small USB-powered device. Smaller devices can be charged 1-3 times depending on their battery size.

Another great feature of the Goal Zero Flip’s versatility is that it can be recharged by other Goal Zero products. This includes the Nomad 5 solar panel as mentioned previously and other products that have USB ports, such as the Goal Zero LightHouse 600 Lantern.

5. Works With Any Budget

The Goal Zero Flip is very budget friendly at just under $20. At this price point, it’s a great accessory for anyone and super affordable in a world of wallet-draining mods. Its uses are endless, and it beats running your vehicle to charge a device when not driving!

Final Thoughts

The Goal Zero Flip 10 power bank is hands down one of my favorite accessories. I take it on family camping trips, I keep it in the middle console in my 4Runner when on the go (preparedness), and it has also found its way on my kitchen counter (it has come in handy during power outages).

If you don’t already have this product, I highly recommend it! it will come in handy when you least expect it to, and you’ll be glad you made the $20 investment.

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