Explore: Glendora’s Lower Monroe Truck Trail

Lower Monroe Truck Trail Review
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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Glendora, California – Lower Monroe Truck Trail Information

An overview of the Glendora Lower Monroe Truck Trail with photos and tips for hiking and biking.

The Lower Monroe Truck Trail is located in Glendora, CA right off Glendora Mountain Road in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Lower Monroe Truck Trail is one of the many trails in the area that branch off of Glendora Mountain Road. It’s a popular trail for mountain bikers, runners, and hikers of all ages.


  • Sunrise to Sunset

Lower Monroe Truck Trail Features

  • Ascent: 2,319 ft
  • Decent: 2,319 ft
  • High: 3,435 ft
  • Low: 1,201 ft
  • Miles:16.1
  • Difficulty: Moderate to Intermediate
  • Dog friendly: Yes
  • Doubletrack

What I Like About Lower Monroe Truck Trail

Lower Monroe Truck Trail Review

This trail is challenging but rewarding! It’s 16 miles of doubletrack riding and hiking, making it great for family hikes and bike rides. Lower Monroe Truck Trail is difficult but not too difficult that a beginner mountain biker can’t enjoy the downhill ride.

With killer views of the San Gabriel Mountains along the way, the 8-mile climb goes by faster than you would expect. It’s definitely not easy but the downhill more than makes up for it. Smooth doubletrack with some switchbacks and small jumps.

It’s also a great trail for hikers of all ages and is also dog-friendly. Just make sure to keep your furry friend on a leash since it is a heavily biked trail.


Glendora Lower Monroe Truck Trail

The trail can get super busy on the weekends which can make climbing more difficult and the downhill less fun if you are on a bike. With long downhill portion and the way the trail meets up with the road at the top, it attracts a lot of riders who are shuttling the trail with their cars and it creates even more congestion on the trail if you get a late start.

On these busier days, parking can also be challenging to find. It’s not as fun of a ride when you have to ride more than a half mile on the road leading up to the trail.

Tips and Suggestions

Glendora Lower Monroe Truck Trail Review

I usually bring both a long and short sleeved shirt depending on the temperature that day. There are plenty of exposed areas that face the sun and can get pretty warm but the first couple of miles are lower and shadier.

Bring lots of water and a snack or lunch! The first time I rode this, I didn’t bring nearly enough water and was in desperate need of a sugar lift towards the end of the climb.

Start your ride or hike early in the morning to beat the rush and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the views on the way up.

Final Thoughts

Glendora’s Lower Monroe Truck Trail is one of my favorites in the area. It offers a great mix of riding with a rewarding downhill and killer views for hikers and bikers alike. It’s perfect for a half day or morning activity with friends and family or even solo adventurist.

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