The Importance of Quality Drawer Sliders and Space Efficiency – Featuring Big Country 4×4

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Last Updated on April 27, 2023

Big Country 4×4 Drawer System Features High-Quality Drawer Sliders and The Max Space Efficiency Possible for Your Specific Platform

Overlanding and off-roading have gained popularity in recent years, and more people are investing in gear and equipment to make their trips more comfortable and efficient.

One of the essential pieces of equipment for overlanding is a drawer system that allows for easy access and organized storage of gear and supplies.

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Drawer sliders and space efficiency

When choosing a drawer system, paying attention to two critical factors: drawer sliders and space efficiency is crucial.

Many locally manufactured drawers use no-name brand Alibaba sliding tracks from Amazon/AliExpress, which do not last and eventually rattle or pop a bearing under heavy lateral loading, such as when off-roading with loaded drawers.

On the other hand, Big Country 4×4 only uses the top-of-the-line SKUs by REPON sliders from Taiwan, a well-known brand that provides about 2000 SKUs from budget sliders used in your run-of-the-mill house brand toolboxes from Home Depot and Lowes up to the top end HD sliders used in off-road and trailer builds.

Another factor to consider is space efficiency. Most manufacturers have now settled on three sizes of drawers and produce “trim kits” to place that drawer in 40+ SUVs, resulting in poor volumetric efficiency.

The customer ends up losing a lot of effective packing space.

Big Country 4×4 makes drawers only for a specific model and carries a different box for every car, except an LC 80 and LC 100 with the same exact box. This means most brands force the customer to compromise on space efficiency to give the manufacturer better overall profit margins. In contrast, Big Country 4×4 carries more SKUs and hopes the marketing translates into an accurate understanding of “made for your car.”

Big Country 4×4 Drawer System

The drawer system developed by Big Country 4×4 offers immense space inside with a limited height, with drawers that pull out 100% of the rolling distance. Their unit provides 50 gallons of inside packing space with a 12″ tall footprint, giving a ratio of 50 gallons per vertical foot of cargo area occupied by the drawer.

Comparing this to a Front Runner, for instance, offers 35.5 gallons of inside packing space in a 13″ tall footprint, giving a ratio of 32.76 gallons per vertical foot of cargo area occupied by the drawer, Big Country 4×4 has a more space-efficient design. Dobinsons offer 37.65 gallons of space, sit 11.2″ tall, giving a ratio of 40.26 gallons per vertical foot of cargo area occupied.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a drawer system for overlanding, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the drawer sliders and the space efficiency of the system.

Big Country 4×4 offers a superior product with high-quality sliders and space efficiency, making it a top choice for serious overlanders who value quality and efficiency.

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