Dometic Launches New Line of Furniture, Storage, and Hydration Products in 2022

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Last Updated on February 18, 2022

From furniture and storage to a complete water solution, every product is thoughtfully designed to work together and fit seamlessly into your trunk making it that much easier to say “yes” rather than “no” to the outdoors. With DOMETIC GO, you’re good to go.

Landing Spring 2022, please see below and let us know if we can help you out with additional info, hi-res imagery or need samples sent for a photoshoot. Samples are currently very limited, but we’re happy to do all that we can to get you what you need. These pieces will be invaluable on a month long expedition or a weekend trip out to a State Park, I really can’t say enough about how the thoughtfulness in the designs will standout on any adventure.

Furniture + Comfort

CMP-C1 Compact Camp Chair, $149.99

CMP-C1 Compact Camp Chair

The CMP-C1 Camp Chair is the durable and portable seating solution for all your outdoor activities. With a lightweight aluminum frame and hardwearing 600D fabric, this chair supports up to 280lbs and features beechwood arm rests that won’t absorb heat and burn your arms after a long day in the sun. Ergonomically designed and ultra-compact, this chair is as comfortable as it is practical, making for enjoyable eating, reading and lounging around camp. Carrying sack included, the CMP-C1 Camp Chair provides quick comfort and relaxation, anywhere you go.

CMP-C2 Compact Camp Bench, $99.99

CMP-C2 Compact Camp Bench

Lightweight and heavy-duty, the CMP C2-Compact Camp Bench brings convenience and comfort to your campsite setup. Constructed with lightweight aluminum, this two-seater bench takes seconds to deploy, supporting up to 300lbs and sporting durable 600D fabric. The bench folds down just as easily to an ultra-compact size, making for effortless storage and transport, carrying sack included. Take the CMP C2-Compact Camp Bench on your next adventure into the backcountry for quick seating, elevated cooler storage, and easy exploring.

CMP-T4 Compact Camp Table, $199.99

CMP-T4 Compact Camp Table

Pack one table for all your outdoor needs with the CMP-T4 Table. Quickly adjustable between three height options (coffee table, kids table, dining/prep), this table comfortably seats four for meals and game nights. Constructed with an elegant yet resilient bamboo surface, the Compact Table folds down to take only half the width of your vehicle’s trunk. Combined with the integrated carrying handle, the CMP-T4 Table travels just as easy as you do, anywhere you explore.

CMP-B2 Blanket, $139.99

CMP-B2 Blanket

The CMP-B2 Blanket is the go-to blanket for all outdoor purposes from camping and al fresco adventures to soccer Saturdays and hanging at the beach. Soft and padded on the top with a rugged 600D, waterproof bottom, this dual-sided blanket keeps you both comfortable and clean on the ground, or warm and dry in your chair. You can even throw it in the back of your van or truck for the pups if needed, then toss the blanket in your washing machine for easy cleanup. Stuff sack included.

CMP-H1 – Personal Camp Heater, $79.99

CMP-H1 – Personal Camp Heater

Raise and maintain your body temp wherever you are with the CMP-H1 Personal Camp Heater. Constructed from durable, waterproof fabric and efficient filament heating elements, this heater keeps your backside toasty in a chair whether just getting back from any cold and potentially wet outdoor adventure or simply hanging at camp and warms your sleeping bag before you call it a night. Featuring three heating modes (low, medium, high), this heater is charged via USB-C, exterior batteries or your vehicle with the included adapters. Anytime you need to warm up, the CMP-H1 Personal Camp Heater has your back.


Soft Storage

Soft Storage

  • PAC10 Portable Gear Storage 10L – $59.99
  • PAC20 Portable Gear Storage 20L – $99.99
  • PAC-IN10 Insulated Insert – $39.99
  • PAC-IN20 Insulated Insert – $49.99

Designed for the “grab and go” adventure, the PAC10 and PAC20 soft storage options by Dometic make transporting and storing outdoor essentials a breeze. With a semi-rigid top and bottom and soft-collapsible sides, these soft storage options are the perfect size for day-trip adventures. When not on the go, turn your soft storage into a cooler with the PAC-IN10/20 Insulated Inserts, keeping your food and drinks cool on the trail, at the lake or on the road. Pair with the compatible PAC H50 Hard Storage Container (sold separately) for seamless, stackable storage, maximizing your trunk space and simplifying the packing process. With the water-resistant, rugged 840D TPU-coated polyester shell, the PAC10/20 Portable Gear Storage containers are ready for any adventure.

PAC H50 Hard Storage – $149.99

PAC H50 Hard Storage

Step up your packing game with the PAC H50 Hard Storage Container by Dometic. Waterproof and dustproof, this container protects your gear from the elements while offering stackable compatibility with the PAC10/20 soft storage containers. Made from durable vertical aluminum sidewalls and a polymer top/bottom resistant to hard impacts, this container is integrated with side handles, tiedown points, lock holes and easy-pull latches for security and effortless functionality. Part of the Dometic GO lineup, the PAC H50 is ready for the rugged terrain of the backcountry at a moment’s notice and is also great for any road trip that’s on the horizon.


HYD-J11 Hydration Water Jug 11L – $69.99

HYD-J11 Hydration Water Jug 11L

Part of the all-new Dometic GO hydration system, the HYD-J11 Hydration Water Jug revolutionizes off-grid water storage and management. This hard-shell jug stores up to 11L of water and stows neatly against camp gear due to its modular design. Featuring 2 openings on the top – one large 4-inch opening for quick filling, dispensing and easy cleaning, and a smaller Nalgene sized 63mm opening – this jug allows for seamless integration of many common water filters already on the market. The molded hand grip on the bottom of the jug makes for a smooth and controlled pour when necessary. For added convenience, a spigot cap is included to turn your jug into a basecamp water dispenser. With 3 color options, users can easily color-code each jug for drinking water, gray water, etc. The HYD-J11 Hydration Water Jug solves all the annoyances of keeping safe water on a backcountry adventure.

HYD-WF Hydration Water Faucet – $99.99

HYD-WF Hydration Water Faucet

Take the HYD-J11 to the next level with the battery-powered, mobile HYD-WF faucet. Wash your hands and dishes, brush your teeth, and fill your water bottle all at camp with this on-the-go faucet that easily connects to the HYD-J11 jug via the included tube. Using the faucet’s magnetic base, the HYD-WF will hold firm to any metal surface around camp or on one of the supplied adhesive-backed pucks, giving you the option to install running water nearly anywhere you need. Dispensing 1 liter every 60 seconds, this battery powered faucet plugs into any USB port to recharge and is good for 150 liters of water per charge, automatically shutting off after dispensing 1 liter. With the built-in LED light, the faucet illuminates when the power is running to ensure you can see in low light conditions. The HYD-WF Water Faucet brings the convenience of your home kitchen to the rugged outdoors.

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