Coastal Off-Road High Clearance Front Bumper for 2nd Gen Tacoma – Complete Overview

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Last Updated on August 19, 2022

High Clearance Plate Bumper for 2nd Gen Tacoma by Coastal Off-Road – Everything you Need to Know

Coastal Off-Road is a fabrication company that provides exceptional quality products that are guaranteed to make your Tacoma stand out from the rest. Not only do they make your Tacoma look unique, but they also manage to protect the truck, and more importantly, protect you. From high clearance bumpers to skid plates, Coastal does it all. The end goal is to help you make your way through any terrain and to prepare your truck for any obstacles that may come your way.

I decided to purchase their front bumper for my 2006 Tacoma and I Instantly was helped by customer support with all my questions, concerns, and requests. Their customer support team was super friendly, understanding, and kind, and they were super helpful throughout the entire process. This alone played a huge role in why I went with their bumper.


Pictured: @that06silvertaco

Another key factor on why Coastal Off-road is a distinctive yet amazing company is its customization options. You are given a couple of different options for extra tubing on the bumper. One option is to add a simple stinger that protects the grill, or you can go all out and add headlight hoops for maximum protection.  

There was also the material that the bumper is made out of, the default option is steel which is pretty common with off-road bumpers. Most aftermarket bumpers like this are made from steel due to it being cheaper and stronger than other materials. This means that they are more than capable to protect you and your Tacoma from anything you throw at it.

What features does Coastal Off-Road offer?

You are given the option of aluminum at checkout, a pricier, lightweight alternative. While it’s not as strong as steel, aluminum is still extremely strong and is more than enough to protect the front of your truck all while saving some MPGs. 

Another customizable feature is a body lift. What the body lift kit would essentially be doing is adding height to only the body of your truck. Your suspension and tires will remain the same height and you would only gain clearance on the body itself. The purpose of body lifts is to help clear bigger tires and achieve more overall ground clearance. When you select body lift at check out, Coastal modifies the bumper so that there will not be a gap between the bumper and the body of the truck. 

Coastal also offers LED lights upon checkout. You have your option of 2 or 4 CREE light pods with or without the harness. This is an extremely nice feature because it allows you to do all of your shopping in one place. You also know that the lights are going to fit in the bumper and can see what they look like on Coastal’s website. 

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  • 2nd Gen Tacoma High Clearance Plate Bumper Kit: Check Price

DIY/ Welding Kit Option

Another unique feature of Coastal Off-Road is that they offer DIY bumper kits. This path is more complicated, possibly longer, and overall harder depending on your skill level, but the big catch is that it’s cheaper. 

If you were to select this option at check out, Coastal would send your bumper in pieces and unassembled. That would then be leaving the welding and powder coating into your own hands. If you’re able to weld it yourself, you could save a few bucks by going this route. 

This allows you to save some money, personalize to your liking, and add anything else you could want. However, once it’s in your hands welded, and assembled, Coastal Off-road is no longer responsible for any issues regarding the bumper. I believe that this is a good alternative to save money if that’s an issue for some, especially if you’re an experienced welder, I highly recommend this.


Pictured: @that06silvertaco

Tacoma’s are beautiful trucks that excel on any terrain that you throw at them, that’s where they are the most fun of course. One of the key components to allow for better off-roading experiences is better clearance. Clearance is the space from your truck to the ground that will allow you to climb over obstacles that you may encounter on both on and off-road driving. This bumper will allow for greater clearance, which significantly enhances your ability for better experiences on trails.

Since the purchase of the off-road bumper, I’ve been able to drive plenty on road, which it held up just fine as before, but the main focus is off-road capability. I was able to bring the taco out on a few trails over the recent months of having the bumper and each trail I was able to overcome any rocks, inclines, and water crossings that before I wouldn’t have been able to overcome. With the added clearance and safety that the bumper provided, my Tacoma excelled against any big rocks it hit, having taken a few scratches and beatings, the bumper stayed intact and continued on throughout the trail, and on the road back home. 

Final Thoughts

Pictured: @that06silvertaco

I’ve had the bumper on for nearly 5 months, and so far I love it! It holds my 20” light bar and 2 Rhino shackles. On-road driving, I have yet to notice a significant difference, the power behind it is the same as before, no louder than before either.

Recently here in Texas, we underwent some harsh weather. Thankfully the bumper was a great help, it pulled multiple SUVs and trucks out of snow-filled ditches and even helped me get out of one myself. The bumper is still fairly new, but as of now, it has been nothing but an amazing, reliable, beautiful hunk of steel that’s paid off more than once throughout the months. I strongly recommend this bumper to anyone in search of a reliable and protective way to keep you and your Tacoma safe.

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