Canvasback Second Row Bench Seat Cover For The 5th Gen 4Runner

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Last Updated on January 29, 2024

Introducing the Canvasback Cargo Liners Second Row Bench Seat Cover: Durable Materials & Perfect Fit For Complete Rear Seat Protection – Review

If you’re a frequent visitor to the 4Runner and Tacoma sites, then you’ve by now become familiar with Canvasback, Inc. We’ve covered a ton of their products for the 5th Gen 4Runner because quite frankly, they offer some of the best vehicle interior protection.

From cargo liners to bumper flaps (and everything in between), Canvasback has done an amazing job designing area-specific solutions to protect the interior of your 4Runner.

When I think of Canvasback, my mind immediately goes to their cargo liners. If you overland, have dogs, or you’re just a messy person in general, your cargo area can take a beating over time.

On a recent trip my wife and I took to Utah, we found ourselves snowed in at camp near Bryce Canyon. We had to rush and throw all of our gear in the trunk before hitting the road. Needless to say, the cargo carpeting was loaded with wet red clay. After that trip, I decided I’d order a set of their cargo liners.

To boot, our dog has a tendency to drape his head over the second-row seats and drool like Homer Simpson zeroing in on a donut. So, I figured I’d also order a set of their second-row bench seat covers since they had also received rave reviews. It was then that I realized they made some tweaks to their first version. Now, their rear seat covers have an even more snug fit.

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Canvasback Second Row Bench Seat Cover

What Makes Canvasback Different?

Canvasback Rear Cargo Seat Back Covers 5th Gen 4Runner

Canvasback, Inc. uses 600 x 300 Poly Denier with PVC undercoating on all of its solid products. This makes the liners waterproof (except for patterned fabrics that don’t have the undercoating). Additionally, the cover on their second-row bench seat covers are double-layered and have non-skid material on the seat bottom to avoid shifts or movement.

Can you find universal seat covers cheaper on Amazon? Sure, you can always find a cheaper product Though, you’ll just be compromising on quality and lifespan with regular use. Canvasback liners are designed specifically to fit the 5th Gen 4Runner. They’ve taken into consideration every detail and have cut-outs or grooves designed for every hook, strap, bracket, and opening.

In my experience, you’ll be replacing universal covers with regular use in no time. I have an active dog and it seemed like an annual process of throwing the old one away and ordering another. If you’re driving a $40,000+ SUV around and you want to maintain the interior, you might want to consider splurging for something of higher quality.

How It Works

Canvasback Cargo Floor Liner For 5th Gen 4Runner

Installing the second-row bench seat covers is pretty straightforward. They require no tools or materials other than what Canvasback sends you. From start to finish, you’re looking at 5-10 minutes, max.

Most of the Canvasback, Inc. products utilize hook-and-loop (i.e., Velcro) to cover all of your exposed interior areas. If not hook-and-loop, Canvasback liners fit tightly over seat covers and utilize zippers to allow the seats to recline and/or fold down completely.

As easy as they are to install, they’re even easier to remove. While we don’t always have people sitting in the back seat, removing the second-row seat covers takes all of 10 seconds.


Canvasback Cargo Liner Durability

Cleaning them takes slightly longer, but it’s better than staining or damaging your seats!

While the liners are designed to protect the interior of your 4Runner and keep the original materials clean, the liners themselves need to be cleaned on occasion. If you have a dog like mine, that occasion seems to be more frequent than I expected.

Canvasback Second Row Seat Covers For 5th Gen 4Runner

As a two-car household, we’ve now resigned to the 4Runner being our primary vehicle for our dog, Charlie. He is very stimulated in the car. With that, comes constant panting and drooling. Lots and lots of drooling.

So, what are the best methods to cleaner your liners? If your immediate thought is in your washing machine, you’d be wrong. Canvas materials are known to shrink up and lose their shape when introduced to hot water. Additionally, some tumble dryers are more aggressive than others which can also be attributed to the material breaking down.

Canvasback, Inc. suggests “Quick Fix Cleaning” with the use of a simple vacuum. The liners keep dirt and debris at the surface. This makes it much easier to vacuum vs. your typical car flooring. For surface stain removal, warm soapy water (preferably with a few small dabs of Dawn dish soap) and a clean rag work best. Let it dry and you’re back in business.

For deeper cleaning, the steps are similar. However, Canvasback suggests removing the liners from your vehicle completely and using a garden hose to give the dirt and debris a bit more pressure.

Whatever you do, do not use an abrasive sponge or steel wool. Although the canvas is durable, it’s still fabric and will rip and fray under duress.

Final Thoughts

Canvasback Seat Covers For Dogs

Charlie approves, and so do his owners! One of my big concerns with this truck is that it’s not one we plan on keeping for the long term. So, I’d love to maintain the exterior as much as the interior. Canvasback liners offer the perfect protection to accomplish that.

I look forward to eventually removing the liners completely and handing the truck over with the confidence that the interior underneath is in impeccable shape. After a few recent cleanings, that looks like the case. To boot, I have a touch of OCD when it comes to keeping my 4Runner clean, inside and out.

Best 4Runner Cargo Liner For Dogs

Again, universal interior seat and cargo liners will undoubtedly be cheaper, but you get what you pay for. My Amazon shopping history would lead you to believe I run a pet shelter with the number of universal liners and “hammocks” I’ve purchased over the years. I’ve been running Canvasback for about 7 months now and they look just as good as the day they were installed.

Don’t hesitate; get yourself a set.

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