Boslla LED Light Package For The Toyota 4Runner – Install & Review

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Last Updated on August 10, 2022

Boslla LED Light Package For The 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner – Installation & Review

Lights are one of the easiest, most economical, and impactful changes you can make to your vehicle. Whether you have a daily driver or an off-road behemoth, you aren’t going anywhere without the proper lighting. Toyota is starting to up their game in this department with OEM LED low-beams and fog lights on 2021s and beyond, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

I was very excited when Boslla LED reached out and requested I review their full LED light package!

Below, I’ll go over my installation and thoughts on each. Overall I’ve been very impressed with everything and it has definitely changed the look of my rig.
Find it online:

  • 2014-2020 Boslla LED Toyota 4Runner Full Package: Check Price

What’s Included

What’s included with the Boslla LED complete kit:

  • Low Beams / Fog Lights (Model H11)
  • High Beams (Model 9005/HB3)
  • Front/Rear Turn Signals (Models 7440/7443)
  • Back-up Light (Model 912)
  • Map, Front and Rear Door, and License Plate Lights (Model T10)
  • Dome / Rear Hatch (Model C5W 31mm)

Everything came in 2 non-descript cardboard boxes, which is probably for the best as they were left on my front step in the middle of the day. Each set of bulbs was individually packaged and arrived in perfect condition. The high, low beams and fog lights came in quality cardboard boxes. Everything else came in standard cardboard/plastic packaging.


Low Beams & Fog Lights (H11)

These have 3 color temperatures featuring 6500k/white, 4300k/warm yellow, and 3000k/yellow to fit all weather conditions. Colors can be easily changed by quickly turning the headlights on/off, and are rated at 3600lm / bulb and 30W. Additionally, they have an 8500 RPM fan with dust caps for longevity.

Both low beams and fog lights use the same bulb and are meant to be a direct swap from your halogen standard. Unfortunately the 2021 4Runner comes standard with factory low bean LEDs. I was hoping to test out the Boslla LEDs for the low beams and fog lights but realized the housing has been changed to accommodate the LED unit. These will not fit stock 2021 and beyond.

High Beams (9005/HB3)

Unleash the beast (high beams on) – super bright, although I may need to angle the lights up a bit.

Pop the hood and locate the halogen high beam bulb for removal. The LEDs will pop right in without difficulty or any necessary modification.

I did my best to capture the differences between the before and after pictures here. As it turns out, it is hard to take a picture of light (this will be a recurring theme for the rest of this review), but I can tell you these make a huge difference.

I drive home from work along a 20-mile stretch of wooded back road and frequently see 20+ deer a night. The extra reach and increased contrast with the bright whites allow me to see those little.. beautiful creatures sooner and make for an overall safer drive.

Front Turn Signals (7440/7443)

Front signals are replaced through the wheel wells. Remove screws with a 10mm wrench and pop the retention tabs using a plastic pry bar. The Toyota manual also recommends turning the wheels toward the opposite side you wish to replace which really opens up your working space. Once in, the lights are a simple swap.

Rear Turn Signals (7440/7443)

OEM vs. LED lights, the quality appears excellent here.

The rear signals are replaced through panels in the back. Pop off each with the aforementioned plastic pry bar and these are again, plug and play. It is worth noting that the reverse lights are accessed through the same location.

NOTE: Lights looked awesome and were plenty bright. However, putting in LEDs caused the lights to “Hyperflash.” The LED bulbs draw so little power that the turn signal relay thinks the bulbs are out. This was annoying to me so I swapped back in my OEM bulbs.

Fortunately, there are 2 possible fixes to this problem that are both pretty easy to implement. You can either install a load resistor kit in parallel with each bulb or install an LED flasher module specifically designed for LED bulbs. This seems a much easier option and I’ll probably do this in the future as I really liked the look of the bulbs.

Reverse Lights (912)

The mod I didn’t even know I wanted. I had never thought about this before but boy do these lights make a difference. Shift into reverse with foot on the break and a shining beam of freedom and goodness alerts fellow drivers you’ve got PLACES TO BE. I installed these through the back panels while changing the rear turn signals, so easy.

Map Lights (T10)

There are 8 lights in total here; 1 each in each map light, 1 in each door, and 2 to light up the rear license plate. Each of the map and door lights is easy to change out. Get out the trust pry tool and pop off each of the plastic covers.

LED on the left, stock on the right

The map lights are much, MUCH brighter, with some pros and cons. I like the stark white over the warmer amber (personal preference), but while driving this might be a bit much for some. This definitely increases the visibility and usefulness of map lights otherwise.

Door Lights (T10)

LED (top) vs. stock (bottom). Taken same time, same location.

Door lights provide illumination on the ground. I always felt that previously they were visible but didn’t really spread light that was useful. The installed LEDs provide much better illumination and will really come in handy when you are on rocky or icy ground, where footing is treacherous.

License Plate Lights (T10)

LED left, stock right

To replace the license plate lights, you will need a Philips screwdriver to remove the rear covers and access the bulbs. Between the backup light and the license plate covers, this really changed the look of the rear at night to a more clean and utilitarian look. Me likey.

Dome & Rear Hatch Lights (C5W 31MM)

LED left, stock right
This one was a bit of a pain. Pop off the dome cover with a plastic pry tool. If you’ve never replaced this before (like me), you may have to bend the tab that holds the bulb in place to get the new one to sit appropriately. Play around with it until it does.

If you thought the map lights were an upgrade, hold on to your hats! The difference between this and the previous bulb was amazing. The dome light actually illuminates the cab now. With the light set up to come on automatically with the door open, getting into your car is a completely different experience at night.

Rear hatch lights are changed out much the same as the door lights. Pop off the plastic covers with your pry tool and replace them with LEDs.

Final Thoughts

I was really excited about this conversion kit from Boslla LED, and it definitely did not disappoint! I am officially an LED convert!

As this review is only against the stock halogen bulbs, I couldn’t speak towards these LEDs over other LED brands on the market. The bulbs all fit and functioned appropriately per design and seem to be made of high-quality materials, with the small exception being that the low beams and fog lights did not fit in the factory LED housings. These should work without difficulty in any previous model year that came with standard halogen lights.


  • LEDs are LEDs. They are brighter and use less power than conventional bulbs
  • Brighter/stronger high beams will help keep me safe from furry friends and other vehicles at night
  • Interior lights are actually useful for seeing inside my rig!
  • Definitely not testing this, but the risk of a dead battery from leaving a light on is theoretically lower
  • Clean look all around
  • (Mostly) Easy install


  • LEDs are LEDs. They generally have a stark white appearance that some may not like (although I personally think it looks pretty utilitarian and cool)
  • Hyperflash with turn signals is annoying and will require a new LED flasher module to fix
  • High Beams and Fog Lights do not fit the 2021 models

I will continue to run these in my rig and plan to add the turn signals back in once I have time to monkey around with the relay (will probably write that up too)!

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