AJC LED DRL Fog Light Bezel Kit – Install & Review 5th Gen 4Runner

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Last Updated on June 16, 2022

Aiden James Customs LED DRL Fog Light Bezel Kit – Install & Review on 5th Gen 4Runner

Adding the Aiden James Customs (AJC) LED DRL Fog Light Bezel Kit is an easy way to add some additional lighting and flair to your 4Runner’s front bumper. Excluding the 4Runner Limited, this kit works with all 5th gen 4Runner models and is offered in a few different lighting options:

  • Amber-only
  • White-only
  • Switchback

The switchback version runs white, however, when the turn signal or hazards are initiated, they will blink amber. I chose to go with the amber-only option, as I’m wanting them to match up with my raptor lights and future Xenon Depot XB headlights.

Lastly, AJC is a small, family-run business with great craftsmanship and support. I’ve been running their HID low beam and LED fog lights (shown below) for over 5 years with no issues. Any questions that I’ve had have always been promptly answered. This specific bezel kit has a lifetime warranty backed by AJC. So fear not; you are in good hands with AJC products!

Find it online:


With this install, you will need to remove your front bumper to access the bezel clips and run the wiring. This might sound a little scary, but it’s honestly not difficult at all.

The kit itself is pretty much plug-and-play with the exception of tapping into the turn signals for the switchbacks. This write-up covers installing the bezel to turn on with ignition. You do, however, have the option to wire this up to a switch with the ability to turn it off and on when you want. Check out AJC owner Scott’s video for a more in-depth install.

Tools and Materials:

  • 10 mm socket
  • Socket wrench or drill
  • Trim kit (or flathead screwdriver)
  • Radiator cover clips (in the event you break any)

Step 1. Pop The Hood And Remove Radiator Cover

To remove the cover, there are thirteen (13) plastic push tabs. Push the circle button in the center of each of them and then use the trim tool (or flathead screwdriver) to pull them up. Be careful not to break the tabs as I have done this in the past. Once the clips have been removed, pull the radiator cover out.

Step 2. Remove Bumper Clips

Remove the 4 clips below the radiator cover using a trim tool (or screwdriver). Similarly, pry one side of the grooved tab and pop the center upwards.

Step 3. Remove Bumper Cover Bolts

Using a 10 mm socket (or drill) remove the three (3) bolts on each wheel well.

Remove the three (3) bolts under the driver side wheel and two (2) bolts on the passenger side.

Remove the two (2) bolts in the center above the front skid plate.

Step 4. Release Bumper, Remove Fog Lights & Set Up Prep Area

On the driver’s side, gently pry the top clip over the bolt hole and pull the bumper from the lower two (2) clips. Using the flat trim tool here helps. Once you have these out, pull the bumper towards you. The cover is snapped in place and takes a little force. You will hear a few popping noises; this is not plastic breaking, so don’t fret. Repeat this step on the passenger side.

Disconnect Fog Lights: Reach behind the bumper cover and disconnect each fog light. The passenger side has a plastic cover over it and might be a little difficult to access. If you are unable to access it, you can skip to Step 6 and remove it after the bumper cover is removed.

Prepare Area for Bumper: Place a soft blanket on the ground for the bumper to avoid any scratches.

Step 5. Remove Last Bumper Bolt

Stand in front of the vehicle and gently lean on the bumper cover. Remove the single (1) 10mm bolt from the top center near the hood latch.

Pro-Tip: This is the last bolt holding the bumper in place, so leaning on it ensures the bumper doesn’t just fall off.

Step 6. Remove Bumper

Pull the bumper cover away from the vehicle and lay it face down on the blanket. When removing, pull from the area marked in red.

Step 7. Remove Fog Light Bezel

Start with removing the white clip holding the bezel in place. Then start with the bottom tab; push in the four (4) black clips and pop out the bezel. On the passenger side, you will need to remove the black fog light cap. There are two (2) clips; unclip those and remove the cover.

Note: During the bumper reinstall step, the top middle clip needs to be inserted first at an angle.

Step 8. Install AJC LED DRLBezel Kit

On the AJC LED DRL bezel kit, unclip it from the wiring harness. Install the bezel to both sides running the wiring and clip through the top opening. Insert the white clip you removed previously on the back of the bezel kit behind the bumper.

Step 9. Mount Wiring Harness Module

Using a zip tie, mount the wiring harness module on the driver side of the bumper support brace.

Step 10. Run Module Wiring

Run the piggyback fuse up near the headlight. The passenger side wiring will be through flaps and zip-tied to the center support.

Note: If running the switchback version, you will have a yellow wire. These will run with the piggyback fuse. Remove the turn signal connector and bulb by turning it counter-clockwise. Use the supplied wire tap to tap the blue wire on the turn signal harness. For more information on this, reference the video mentioned earlier.

Step 11. Cleanup Wiring

Zip tie the excess wiring to be the same length as the fog light connector.

Step 12. Run Positive Wire to the Fuse Box

In the engine bay, remove the fuse box cover. Then, locate the INJ fuse and remove it using the light gray fuse tool in the fuse box. Add it to the piggyback fuse and plug the piggyback harness into the free INJ slot. Run the cable through the fuse box and cover.

Step 13. Run Negative Ground Wire

Connect the black ground wire with the eyelet to the 10mm bolt on the fender to the right of the fuse box.

Reinstall the bumper cover in the reverse order as above. Ensure the bezel kit and fog lights are all clipped back in.

Step 14. Test Operation

Turn ignition on and test that the lights are working!

Final Thoughts

For a fairly quick and easy installation, this AJC LED DRL bezel kit adds a pretty awesome and unique look to your 4Runner. Adding additional lighting to your front end will not only give it a great look but will add a little safety. Nearby vehicles and pedestrians around you will have an easier time seeing you coming.

I’m overly impressed with the quality and light output of these fog lights and I highly recommend them to everyone.

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