4Runner Amber LED Wiring Harness Installation Guide

Please reference the following installation guide to install your new Amber LED Grill Lights for your 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner. Professional installation is always highly recommended.  We are not liable for any damage to your vehicle or otherwise that may occur.

amber led wiring harness toyota 4runner grill

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What’s Included:

  • Complete insulated wiring harness
  • Add-a-circuit
  • Zip-Ties

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Flashlight
  • Flathead Screwdriver
  • 10mm Socket

4Runner Amber LED Step by Step Installation

1. Open your 4Runner’s hood – remove the radiator cover by removing the 13 push button retainer clips. Gently put your flathead screwdriver between the plastic clip and the radiator cover to pop them off. You’ll reuse these snaps when you put your radiator cover back on, so keep them somewhere safe. Be careful as these may fall into the engine bay and be difficult to retrieve.  This will now give you access to the area behind the grill for the LED installation.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation2. Place your LED lights into your grill from the backside area. Space your LED where you’d like them in the grill. Reference our image below for our suggestion. Using a Zip Tie, secure the LED to the grill through the holes in both sides of the LEDS. Tighten the Zip Tie from the backside and cut the excess area for a clean look. Repeat for all LED lights.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation3. Next, you’ll want to Ground your wiring harness to the frame of your vehicle. In our installation, we recommend using the ground nearest the battery on the vehicle apron. This will require a 10mm socket or wrench to remove the bolt. Attach the ring terminal to the stack of grounds and reinstall the bolt.

4. Once your LED lights are secure to your grill you’ll want to run your wiring harness along the driver side fender and battery leading the harness into the firewall. Secure the harness along the way using Zip Ties. Example mounting areas are shown in the photos below. Note: some variations of our harnesses may be secured at points other than the one pictured below.  Do not attempt to stretch the harness to reach any mounting point as it may compromise the strength of the connections.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation

5. Continue to route the wiring harness towards the firewall. Carefully poke a small hole in the circular grommet near the location of the red X in the photo below using a sharp flathead screwdriver or another suitable sharp object, such as a small Swiss army knife.  Be mindful not to make contact with other wires and lines routed through this grommet as you may damage them. This may be tricky and require patience. Once you have made a suitable incision through the grommet of at least 8mm in length, use the screwdriver to push the blue bullet terminal through the firewall.  Once the wire is routed through the grommet on the firewall the wire will appear in your driver side foot well.  Use a flashlight to locate the blue terminal and pull the wire just enough to reach the fuse box.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation

(NOTE: We recommend you do not route the power wire through the side of the grommet like in the photo below, as there is a possibility that the wire will make contact with the firewall and blow the fuse).

6. Now you’ll want to open the driver side door and locate the wire where it was pushed through the firewall under the dash. Here you will also find the fuse box underneath the dash on top of where the driver’s left foot would be. In this install, we’ll be using an unused circuit to power the lights. This means whenever your vehicle is on, your LED lights be will be on. When the vehicle is turned off, the amber LEDS will automatically turn off. You will also have the protection of a fuse.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation7. Plug the Add-A-Fuse into the empty fuse slot number 14, the same one pictured above. The add-a-fuse will only work with the wire protruding towards the passenger side of the vehicle as depicted below.  Please note that due to the shape of the Add-A-Fuse, the Fuse Box lid will no longer fit on top of the fuse box. We recommend storing it in your glove box for future reference as it contains a diagram of the fuses. If there is any extra wire near the fuse box area from the harness, use a Zip Tie to secure it to the vehicle or tuck it under the cover on the left side safely away from the area of the emergency brake.

8. Turn on your vehicle and ensure the Amber LEDS are glowing. Once that has been confirmed you can turn your vehicle off and re-attach your radiator cover using the Toyota Push Button Retainer Clips.

4runner amber led wiring harness installation9. Enjoy your new lights. Be sure to share photos with us!